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Highlights From Our Freestanding Wood Range

Highlights From Our Freestanding Wood Range

Lopi, without a doubt, make some of the world’s most excellent wood heaters, with strong door hinges made of cold rolled steel that has been punched through the firebox and welded on the inside, you know the door will be held in place – straight – permanently! All of our wood heaters are designed by the best craftsmen and engineers available, from hinge pins to your seamless, heavy-duty steel cover and heavy gauge steel construction. A Lopi wood heater is an investment.

Lopi Republic 1250

This wood heater is designed to heat smaller homes or for heating a specific area or room in your home. It features heavy-duty steel construction, large radiant heat transfer surfaces and a fully lined ceramic brick firebox. This heater is not only good looking it heats and is affordable. Options include your choice of legs or a pedestal. The unit is a radiant and natural convection heater with an optional blower available to increase the amount of convection heat. Because the blower is installed under the unit it can always be added later. An outside air kit is great for air tight homes as it allows for oxygen to be drawn in from outside the home, which increases the oxygen levels inside the room and also helps cut down air/dust movement inside the home.

Lopi Republic 1750

This unit packs a punch with natural convection heat and a radiant surface for cooking. Lined with a commercial grade bricks and has a firebox that is larger than most stoves of this size. This stove is perfect for mid-sized homes or heating set areas inside a larger home. To heat the room, the unit uses both rear and top convection chambers to warm air providing you with more heat than a radiant-only wood stove. The Republic 1750 is available with legs or on a pedestal.

Lopi Answer

This is a small but compact wood heater that has a fantastic heating capacity. It uses a five-sided convection chamber to distribute heat throughout your home evenly. Cool air inside your room is drawn around the firebox, where it is heated and then returned back into the room as warm air. It provides a longer burn time, even with a smaller 1.6 cubic foot firebox, and is available on legs or sitting on a pedestal. It is a powerful heater for its size, yet the back wall clearance is 200mm to a combustible surface. This unit is now available with GreenStart™ technology.

Lopi Endeavour

This is a stunning and beautiful unit that is a real *work-horse*, it combines form and function for an unbeatable heat transfer, with its classic step-top design with a radiant heat surface for cooking and a convection chamber for additional heating. It has one of the biggest and cleanest burning firebox of any medium sized stove and with a taller door opening you can load bigger pieces of wood to produce longer burning times.

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