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Lopi Republic 1250

Lopi Republic freestanding Wood Fireplaces

Lopi Republic freestanding Wood Fireplaces

In the world of design, a focal point is an important principle because it aims to draw your attention to a design element. Creating an impressive focal point that proves timeless can serve a functional as well as aesthetic purpose. The Lopi Republic range of freestanding wood fireplaces do just that. These heaters are charming and affordable, that will add long lasting value to your home. Better still, you have the flexibility to place these freestanding wood heaters almost anywhere in your home as well as not having to disturb any walls. Extremely efficient, these fireplaces will provide radiant and convection heat on the coldest of days. Let’s look closer at two models you may like to consider.


Lopi Republic 1250

This beauty will heat your home, look good and comes with a low-cost price tag. Quality workmanship and materials mean that your investment will last you for many years to come.  Designed to heat select areas or smaller sized homes, radiant heat provides warmth whilst being very energy efficient.

A wood burning fire will save you money as utility prices keep increasing and will brighten those cold nights. Of course, nothing is more relaxing than sitting by a fire during winter.

Small But Mighty

Long-lasting heating is heavenly during those chilly days, and with a burn time of up to 8 hours, this fireplace will keep you toasty all winter long. An optional blower allows you to increase the amount of convection heat – so that the warm air circulates your home.

With compact dimensions, this freestanding fireplace makes an elegant addition to your home with your choice of steel legs or pedestal you can customise this to suit you. An outside air kit allows you to further customise this heater to suit your individual requirements.

The heavy-duty steel construction makes these fireplaces tough , made possible thanks to door hinges made of cold rolled steel.


Lopi Republic 1750

This is a classic freestanding wood fireplace and packs a real punch with its larger refractory brick lined firebox. Designed to heat larger areas or mid- sized homes, radiant and convection heat work beautifully to provide instant and long-lasting warmth whilst being very energy efficient.

The convection chamber circulates warm air throughout your home so no one misses out, providing you with more heat than just a radiant-only wood fireplace.  You can also use the radiant surface for cooking which comes in handy during a power outage.

Heavy gauge steel construction will see this fireplace last you a lifetime. Even the door hardware is made to last – cold rolled steel hinges once again mean that this door construction is superior compared to the competition out there. 

This model is customisable with steel legs or pedestal.

Up to 220 Sqm of heating capacity with a maximum burn time of 10 hours – means that you will stay warm. An optional blower can increase the amount of convection heat, and this can be added at a later date if needed. The Outside Air Kit is another optional extra that can reduce the amount of air movement in your home because it draws oxygen from outside the home instead of from within. 

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