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Lopi Warranty for Gas and Wood Heaters

Lopi Warranty for Gas and Wood Heaters

When you’ve decided on the perfect fireplace for your home, the last thing you want to discover after installation is that your purchase is faulty. Sure, there are actions you can take to prevent such things from occurring like purchasing from a trusted brand and searching other consumers’ reviews. But in the end, nothing beats a warranty to offer the ultimate peace of mind. It is pretty much your insurance policy. Warranties are important when making big purchases for your home, after all, it’s your hard earned money at stake. If your gas and wood heater doesn’t come with a generous warranty, you have to ask yourself whether you’re buying the best there is? So let’s take a closer look at the warranty you can expect for Lopi gas and wood heaters.


Gas Heaters

Lopi has an extensive range of gas products to suit any budget or lifestyle. For easy installation look to the freestanding models, otherwise, choose from the in-built range of gas fireplaces. Whichever model you decide upon, a generous 7-year limited parts and labour warranty applies to all Lopi gas fireplaces. Because Lopi is only available through authorised dealerships. You can be sure that you’re purchasing a genuine product. You can also count on the reliability and aesthetic appeal of your new Lopi gas fireplace for many years to come, thanks to quality engineering


So what do the 7-year limited parts and labour warranty cover? For Years 1 & 2, Parts and Labour covers your entire gas product. After that, Years 3 through 5 you have Parts & Labour coverage for the Firebox Assembly, the Convection Heat Exchanger and One-Way Freight Allowance. Years 6 & 7 is for Parts Only and covers the Firebox Assembly.


Wood Heaters

The charm offered by a Lopi wood heater is surely unbeatable, especially on a cold night. Lopi can guarantee you warm nights ahead thanks to their comprehensive 5 or 7-year limited parts and labour warranty. Lopi wood heaters are only available through authorised dealers ー just like their gas fireplaces ー which means you get the genuine product.


Expect the Lopi warranty for wood products to cover you for Parts & Labour in Years 1 & 2. This includes coverage for Firebox Assembly, Door Assembly, Plated Finish, Air Control Assembly, Ceramic Glass, Firebrick, Accessories, Re-Installation Allowance and One-Way Freight Allowance.  The warranty for Years 3 to 5 will cover Parts & Labour for the Firebox Assembly, Air Control Assembly, Door Assembly and One-Way Freight Allowance. Years 6 & 7 covers Parts Only, and these include the Firebox Assembly, Door Assembly and Air Control Assembly. The Lopi warranty for wood heaters does exclude the Republic Range.

Lopi makes it easy to see what their warranty will cover. For more detailed information download either the Lopi Gas Warranty PDF or the Lopi Wood Warranty PDF from the website.

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