7 July 2023

Contemporary Living with the Lopi 6015 GS2 Fireplace

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Fireplace Inspiration Details – North Perth, Western Australia

This stunning home in North Perth exemplifies a captivating contemporary style that seamlessly blends contrasting design elements. The light walls and furniture contrast with the dark floors and accessories, creating a beautiful modern aesthetic. This style is further elevated by the installation of the Lopi 6015 HO GS2 fireplace, which utilises a black 10mm trim and CoolSmart vent to accentuate the sleek aesthetic of the surrounding dark features. With over 1.5m of viewing area and installed into an open kitchen, dining and living floorplan, the 6015 creates the perfect focal point for this amazing home.

The Lopi 6015 fireplace is equipped with an array of advanced features and technologies. One notable feature is the ceramic viewing glass, which increases the amount of radiant heat produced enabling it to heat up to 260Sqm, ideal for the open plan living area in this home. The convection heat output from the blower system ensures that this living space is efficiently heated on those cold winter nights.

Lopi 6015 Gas Fireplace

As part of our premium linear gas fireplace range, the 6015 includes the GreenSmart 2 (GS2) system. With the GS2 remote, you have full control over the heat output of this unit. You can adjust the gas output to control the flame intensity over six intervals. Additionally, you can regulate the 6-speed quiet fans to manage the convection heat output. The GS2 system is also equipped with our Smart Thermostat function, which when activated will cause the fireplace to modulate the flame so that the heat produced matches the desired set temperature. The GreenSmart 2 system also allows control over the visual aspects of the fireplace, by allowing you to control the intensity of the accent lighting. This feature enables you to operate the fireplace without the flame, making it an ideal decorative piece for warmer seasons.

Lopi 6015 Gas Fireplace

This install also includes our 72″ CoolSmart Wall Kit System which works by redirecting the heat when the fans are turned off by allowing the convection heat to naturally rise through ventilation tubing and expelling it out of the CoolSmart vent above the TV, thereby reducing the heat output onto fragile electronics without the need for power or fans. This allows for the safe flush-mounting of electronics above the fireplace without the need for a mantle, which further accents the modern style of this beautiful living area.

Other notable features of this installation include the platinum glass floor media, which allows the accent lighting to completely shine through, and the black glass fireback liner that creates a reflection of the flame, adding depth to the fireplace and drawing attention to its beauty. This fireplace also includes the Clear Fire Safety Screen (included as standard), which greatly reduces the risk of injury without obstructing the beauty of the dancing flames

Lopi 6015 Gas Fireplace

Client Testimonial: “We absolutely love our Lopi fireplace. It creates an additional feature in our living room and provides an ambience where you can sit, unwind and relax on those cold winter days. Definitely a great investment for our new home.”

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Fireplace installed into a home built by Beaumonde Homes. Check out Beaumonde Homes on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beaumondehomes/