21 August 2020

Lopi CoolSmart Wall Technology: Hang a TV or Artwork Above Your Quiet Lopi Fireplace

Lopi CoolSmart Timber Clad - Lopi Fireplaces Australia

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There’s now a safe and straightforward way to position your TV or favourite artwork above a sleek and modern linear or traditional-style gas fireplace. And the best part…there is no intrusive noise from the fireplace!


The CoolSmart system is designed to redirect the convection heat from the front of the fireplace, just above the glass, to a location higher on the wall. The radiant heat from the glass is projected into the room providing additional comfort for your family.

This system also allows for the installation of a TV to be recessed into the wall (up to 108mm deep) or simply face mounted on the wall, all without a mantle, giving your TV a flush wall appearance.


The unique feature of the CoolSmart TV Wall Kit is that it allows you to sit back and watch your television in complete comfort and silence. When you switch off the fans on
your Lopi fireplace you can enjoy the radiant heat and beautiful flames whilst the
CoolSmart system safely pulls the heat away to the wall mounted vent above
your artwork or television which creates natural convection into the room.

Many other fireplaces require a ‘fan-forced’ system to maintain a lower wall temperature, creating an ever-present humming noise from the fan. No such problem exists with the CoolSmart Kit.


The use of a CoolSmart Wall Kit allows for reduced clearances to a television, artwork or recessed cavity above the fireplace. There can now be a distance between the top of the fireplace and the bottom of the TV/artwork as little as 270mm, creating a stunning, contemporary feature wall.


This cutting-edge fireplace technology allows for an ease and flexibility of installation that previously didn’t exist, making this system applicable to a range of both linear and traditional-style gas fireplaces including our high heat output models. The CoolSmart TV Wall Kit is now available with the following Lopi models:

ProBuilder Series

Premium Linear Range

864CF 31K

864CF 40K

564CF 25K

For further details on the CoolSmart TV Wall Kit and to view TECHNICAL and INSTALLATION specs, please click here.


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