22 August 2020

Introducing The New Lopi 864 Clean Face 40K GS2

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The Lopi 864CF 40K GS2 is the latest addition to our range of high-heat output traditional gas fireplaces. It falls under the ‘Clean Face’ product line, meaning the design is minimal as there is no need for louvres or grills.

This fireplace can heat a space up to 185 square metres, making it the ideal choice for larger rooms and open plan living spaces. This model is fitted with a ceramic glass door which increases the amount of radiant heat it produces. When on high the 864 40K features tall dancing flames in its staged theatre burner. If the maximum temperature is too much to bear, you can turn it down by 64%. This feature makes it suitable for year-round use.

Another standout feature of the 864CF 40K GS2 gas fireplace is its viewing area, which covers 864 square inches. The Comfort Control switch and the fame control feature allows you to vary the intensity of the fame produced by this model. In the cold and bleak winter nights, you can crank up the heat by using all 42Mjs of flame. In more favourable conditions, you can reduce heat by turning the fire to 15Mj when on natural gas or 12Mj when using LPG (bottled gas).

This unique fireplace can also serve as a light fixture. It has two lights, an overhead Accent light and the Ember-Glo™ lighting that can only be found in Lopi fireplace models.
The Ember-Glo™ lighting feature gives a glowing appearance to the front of the burner enhancing the flames. The overhead accent lighting is effective when the fireplace is on or off. It highlights the detailed ceramic log-set inside the fireplace providing a soft light in your living space, accent lighting is the way to go.

Being a new product, the Lopi 864CF 40K GS2 features the company’s GreenSmart™ 2 technology.

What is GreenSmart 2?

GreenSmart™ 2 is a collection of components, controls and technology that work together to offer an efficient, smart and eco-friendly way of heating your home.

Here are some of the features available under the GreenSmart™ 2 system.

Thermostat modes

GreenSmart™ 2 offers two thermostat modes, which work as follows;

  • Manual Mode – here, the user has total control over the fire.
  • Smart Mode – in this mode, the flame automatically adjusts until the desired temperature is achieved.

Comfort Control™

This feature is aimed at providing comfort while minimising energy consumption. It works by switching off the rear burner to preserve fuel while leaving the front burner on for aesthetic purposes. Comfort Control™ is activated by pressing a button on the GreenSmart™ remote.

Continuous or GreenSmart™ Pilot

This feature enables you to operate the fireplace in two different pilot modes – continuous or GreenSmart™. In the continuous pilot mode, the fireplace pilot light remains on, making it ideal for the winter season. When the fireplace is switched on it is almost instant, when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius electronic ignition can fail to ignite the fire so this feature keeps things going whilst also limiting condensation forming on the glass.

The GreenSmart™ mode, on the other hand, ignites the flame using an intermittent spark. It is ideal for conserving energy in the summer and spring seasons when the fireplace doesn’t require a warm flue to operate optimally. This system has a backup battery to facilitate the ignition during power outages.

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