20 August 2020


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Are you in the market for a new fireplace? There is now more choice than ever when it comes to modern gas fireplaces. There are two very different styles which both offer stunning heating and design solutions: Linear and Traditional.

Keep reading to understand the differences between these two distinct styles…and check out some of our latest installations of both…


Linear Fireplaces are landscape in design and shaped like a long rectangle – the wide format lends itself to a modern style. These fireplaces are identified by their minimalist, clean design.

The flame is one of the finest features of these linear gas fireplaces. A long burner with beautiful flames spans the full width of these models to create a long a row of fire. The height of the flames depends on the model and can range from 5cm to 30cm. While the flame may appear decorative, these fireplaces can produce a lot of heat – able to heat an area up to 260sqm.

Due to their finished slimline proportions, Linear Fireplaces can be installed as a feature in almost any room, even in smaller rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Single-sided Linear

Available in 3 sizes (3615 HO GS2, 4415 HO GS2, 6015 HO GS2) the Lopi Premium linear range of gas fireplaces include GreenSmart® 2 technology with Smart Thermostat, Ceramic Glass for increase radiant heat, High Heat Output, Accent Under Lighting, Twin Blowers, Crushed Glass Floor, Huge Viewing Area and flexible fluing options.

Double-sided Linear

The Lopi 4415 ST HO GS2 is a striking double-sided fireplace featuring ceramic glass for increased radiant heat, dual blowers that can be directed equally to both sides of the fireplace or adjusted to blow out of just one side for design flexibility. This fireplace will not only look good but work as a heating solution for large or multiple connected rooms.


These squarer-shaped gas fireplaces are perfect for creating a traditional fireplace look in a modern or heritage home. Each model can be built into a mantelpiece or finished in a painted wall with a finishing trim or feature tile.

Four models feature the ‘Clean Face’ design (Lopi 564CF 25K, Lopi 864CF 31K, Lopi 864CF 40K & Lopi ProBuilder 36CF) enabling you to finish your traditional looking fireplace in a minimal way without the need for grills or louvers. The Lopi 564HO GS2 & 864ST GS2 feature the option of multiple face or grill options for an even more traditional look.

Traditional Gas Fireplaces provide all the things we love about a wood burning fire, but in a much more convenient package. Operated by a remote or wall switch, today’s traditional gas fireplaces are so realistic, it can be hard to tell the difference between them and a wood-burning fire.

Single-sided Traditional

The 864 CF 40K GS2 is standard with the ‘Clean Face’ design meaning you can finish this fireplace in a minimal way without the need for grills. The 864 CF 40K GS2 is perfect for medium to large sized rooms or as a beautiful, decorative fire all year long.

The 564HO GS2 shown with the Legacy Face and custom-made mantelpiece and granite surround. This model features high heat output and many interior burner and media options for complete customisation.

Double-sided Traditional

The 864ST GS2 maintains a perfect balance between the firebox, logs and flames. The logs and fire have been carefully designed to give you a different look from either side.


There are currently six traditional gas fireplace models by Lopi, with pricing starting at $4,899 through to the double-sided option at $7,499.

Lopi offers eight linear models ranging from $5,299 to $8,899.

Prices shown are for the fireplace only. Installation and fluing are additional costs.

To learn more about Lopi’s Linear and Traditional Gas Fireplaces, please visit our website or view the following product brochures:

Linear Gas Fireplaces

Traditional Gas Fireplaces

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