22 August 2020

Why you should choose Lopi fireplaces

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When you’re in the market for either a gas fireplace or a wood heater, Lopi has the perfect heating options for you. Lopi’s offerings beat the competition on quality, product innovation and safety. When considering a heating solution for your home, you just want it to work. It’s as simple as that. Quality is a must. In addition to quality, consumers today want innovative products, and the option to customise their purchase. Long gone is the one size fits all option. After all, being able to tailor a product to suit our specific needs is exactly what we all want. Think of how our everyday choices reflect our personal style.

Here are just some of the special features that are exclusive to Lopi fireplaces.

Greensmart Option

GreenSmart™ 2 is simply a smarter way to heat your home. This innovative option uses a portable thermostat to easily and efficiently set the temperature you want. Greensmart allows you to easily adjust the main burner, rear burner, accent lighting and fan. With the smart controller, you can set your desired temperature for your room, and GreenSmart™ 2 will automatically maintain that temperature setting to avoid overheating your space. This way, less gas is wasted, making this a very environmentally friendly option as well as being cost effective. GreenSmart™ 2 will even run during a power outage, making it very handy as well as including a child lock option to avoid kids playing with the temperature settings.

Variation Gas Fireplaces

Lopi makes it super easy to customise your gas fireplace. Choose the size of the viewing area which best suits you for a truly personalised look. You can also select from various multimedia options. Having multimedia options is perfect for when you want to create a certain style in your home. For example, you can choose from Driftwood, Twig & Stone, Traditional Log or Tumbled Stone for your preferred media. For a contemporary look, you can choose glass or a rock base. And to keep everyone safe, an almost invisible safety screen protects you from the hot glass (especially important when small children are around). Where you position, your fireplace is important when styling your home and depending on your requirements Lopi can be flued horizontally or vertically


A desire to constantly improve our fireplaces, we are focussed on the best experience for the customer, making our products the best. Lopi is only available through authorised dealerships, so you can be sure that you’re buying a genuine Lopi product. These fireplaces are a masterpiece of engineering and craftsmanship, and as such, you can expect 5-7 year warranties on most gas and wood fireplaces from Lopi. On performance and quality, Lopi offers the finest guaranteed, with many satisfied customers enjoying a lifetime of usage from their Lopi product.

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