22 August 2020

How Your Gas Fireplace Can Increase Your Home’s Value

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Nothing is quite as charming as relaxing around your fireplace on a cold evening. Whether you’re sipping some wine or reading a novel, life is entirely blissful at that moment. Gas fireplaces have made that experience a lot simpler by eliminating the need for using actual firewood.

Besides the convenience of not using real firewood, gas fireplaces may even help in increasing your home’s value. First of all, they exude an elegant lifestyle, especially when combined with a stylish interior. Secondly, gas fireplaces can generate sufficient warmth and help in keeping your heating costs down while making your home more welcoming.

Here are tips to ensure your gas fireplace installation is adding value to your home.

Think About its Usage

Visualise how you intend on using the new gas fireplace.

Do you imagine it as a shared space for family and friends or a stylish focal point? You might be thinking of it as your primary source of heat for the living room or just using it for decorative reasons. Thinking about the usage helps you determine what the best gas fireplace is based on style and location.

Consider the Location

When considering the uses of your gas fireplace, you’ve likely visualised a spot where you want to install it. An ideal and widely used location is the living room area. Your fireplace will probably get the maximum usage there.

Gas Fireplaces today can be installed in many locations that wood heaters cannot be. Internal or external walls of a home and even in bedrooms. Many gas fireplaces can be flued and terminated on an eternal wall of a home to make installation a breeze.

Finish Your Gas Fireplace with Quality Finishes

Add even more value to your home by finishing your gas fireplace with a stone hearth or cladding the fireplace wall in stone. This will add a premium finish that will make your home stand out with a memorable quality feature. Many installations incorporate a mantelpiece around the fireplace to create a more tradition and even formal look.

Gas Fireplace - Infographic

Maximise Light

The visual appeal of a fireplace are the rich warm colours created by the flames and glowing rock embers surrounding the ceramic logs. Some fireplaces even offer addition accent lighting within the fireplace enhancing the appearance even when the fireplace is off. You can complement and enhance the fireplace by using mood lighting in the room, ensure you install dimmable lights and even wall lighting.

Brighter lighting colours do an excellent job of adding more energy into your living room. Meanwhile, the darker more ambient coloured lighting exudes intimacy, which is ideal for those romantic dinners or relaxing by the fire.

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