30 August 2023

‘Reno Redo’ with a Lopi Gas Fireplace!  

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Fireplace Inspiration Details – Sydney, New South Wales

Lana renovated her Sydney home several years ago, but fast forward to this winter and she was finally able to rectify her renovation regret by installing a gas fireplace into her living room to create a warmer more inviting space. 

 Lana from Three Birds Renovations has always said that one regret she had whilst renovating her beautiful home was the lighting selected for her living room and connecting hallway. She claimed the harsh cool downlights selected made it feel less like a home’s environment and more like a doctor’s surgery. Lana wanted to create a cosier environment for her home, especially on those cold winter nights. To rectify this issue Lana opted to install a Lopi 4415 HO GS2, high heat output linear gas fireplace into a newly crafted wall framework giving her living room more of a warm and inviting atmosphere and creating a beautiful focal point to draw both her family and guests into the living area. 

As an integral part of the installation, Lana wanted to mount a 65 Inch, recessed TV above the fireplace, ensuring that it could be installed with a reduced distance to the fireplace. To meet these requirements, Lana decided to include our CoolSmart Wall Kit system, which works to redirect the convection heat expelled from the fireplace when the fans are switched off to the vent above the TV, thereby greatly reducing the heat exposed to the sensitive electronics.

The Lopi 4415 is part of our Lopi premium linear gas fireplace series, featuring our GreenSmart 2 (GS2) burner system, providing you with the technology required to control every aspect of your fireplace. Using the GS2 remote you can control the fireplace’s flame height and heat output by either increasing or decreasing the gas output of the unit, as well as the 6-speed quiet fans and Smart Thermostat settings, which allows you to modulate the flame to keep the room at a constant set temperature. In addition, the GS2 system allows you to control the visual aspects of our fireplaces, such as the 6-level accent lighting. 

For this installation, the timber frame fire was clad in Villaboard, a fibre-cement sheeting. The joint compound that was used to seal the Villaboard was spread all over the wall, creating a rough textured appearance for the wall to match the textured brick wall behind. The feature wall was then completed with 185mm high skirting boards and custom-built, wall-hung cabinetry on either side of the fireplace. 

Check out the video below showcasing the installation process!

The Lopi 4415 is a high heat output fireplace, fitted with ceramic glass which can hold higher heat levels and for longer periods of time, thereby increasing the radiant heat output from the unit. Further accessories in this installation include black reflective glass on the floor of the fireplace, a black glass fireback liner, Driftwood Log Fyre-Art™ and a 10mm black finishing trim. In addition, all Lopi gas fireplaces feature an almost invisible Clear Fire safety screen for added protection against the hot glass, included as standard. 

For more information on the 4415 HO GS2, feel free to contact our team on 1800 064 234 or contact us here. To view more of our Linear Gas Fireplace Range, please visit our website or view our Linear Gas Fireplace Brochure. 


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