22 August 2020


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When winter invades our lives, a fireplace can warm our souls as well as our homes. There is nothing better than curling up with a cup of coffee and a good book in front of a glowing fireplace. When we think of a fireplace, we immediately conjure up pictures of a traditional wood burning fireplace. However, with evolution in technology, gas fireplaces have slowly started to replace real wood burning fireplaces, especially in contemporary homes. Due to their increased popularity and ease of use, natural gas fireplaces are being installed much more frequently.

At Lopi, we offer both types of fireplaces, but freestanding gas fireplaces have a competitive advantage over freestanding wood-burning fireplaces.

The benefits of gas fireplaces over wood

If you are searching for a fireplace and can’t decide between the two options – gas or wood burning, we recommend you read the advantages of gas fireplaces before making a final decision.

1 Heat On Demand

A modern gas fireplace provides heat on demand at the touch of a button. No preparation time and zero mess, as well as the ability to accurately control temperature, makes heating up your space an effortless task.

2 Ease of Use

The obvious advantage of gas fireplaces is that they are easy to use compared to log fireplaces. All you need to do is flick a switch or press a button, and you will get fire immediately. There is no need to worry yourself about buying suitable logs, chopping the firewood, stacking them, or having to harm a tree. Most importantly, you can overlook tending the fire, and there will be no ashes to clean up later.

3 Energy Efficient

Apart from its ease of use, a gas fireplace is also energy efficient. Buying in timber to burn in your wood fireplace can be expensive. A gas fireplace if great for zonal heating and can therefore be a more suitable option ultimately saving you on your energy bills as you only need to heat certain zones or spaces in your home.

4 Safety

All fireplaces must be safe to use, but not all products are perfect. When we talk about safety, all brands have their pros and cons. All Lopi gas fireplaces have an almost invisible safety screen whilst still providing plenty of radiant heat.

5 No Mess

Gas fireplaces have a benefit of not producing any ash when they burn. There is no clean up required ultimately saving you time and hassle.

A wood fire does produce ash and ultimately needs emptying and cleaning around the hearth as some mess can be creating from continual use.

A wood fireplace can accumulate creosote in the flue and on the glass door over time requiring cleaning of the chimney/flue system. A gas fireplace simple requires an annual service meaning no real ongoing maintenance and mess!

6 No Storage

Gas fireplace can run on natural gas or bottled gas (LPG). Natural gas is supplied through a meter to your home by the local gas company. This makes it easier for you as you won’t be required to store natural gas at home like you would with timber.

7 Flexibility in Design

Lopi gas fireplaces allow for longer flue runs, with more bends. Vertical or horizontal terminations and top or rear vent options provide greater design flexibility with more choice as to where you can position your fireplace.

Gas fireplaces have endless benefits. So, If you are considering purchasing one, we recommend you contact us. Our professionals can assist you with choosing the right gas fireplace based on your home and requirements.