24 August 2020

Tips for Servicing Your Lopi Gas Fireplace

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To keep your Lopi gas fireplace sydney running at its optimum it’s important to have it serviced annually. Neglecting to properly inspect and maintain your fireplace could lead to the build-up of dirt and soot causing your fireplace to not function correctly. You can typically arrange with your fireplace dealer to send a service person to your home for these yearly service checks allowing you to keep your fireplace running for many years to come.

Service Overview

Servicing your fireplace involves first removing all media such as ceramic stones, logs, and embers from your fireplace. Next is the inspection of the pilot, gas line, and gas valve, as well as checking the gas pressure and removing any blockages caused by the build-up of soot or debris in the burner plate.

The gaskets for the door also need to be checked for a proper seal. A tight seal will ensure good air circulation within the gas heater and will prevent any smoke or gas leakage. Checking your gaskets is important to the proper functioning of your fireplace as well as your health and safety.

It’s also important to do a good general cleaning of all of the components of your fireplace including the burner plate, access panel and components, air channels, and blowers. Any blockages in these components from a build-up of debris can potentially cause damage to the parts, meaning added time and money spent replacing them.

Basic Trouble-Shooting

There are also a few signs you might see that should alert you to a problem in your fireplace that may require service. For example, if you notice that the glass front of your fireplace is covered in a thin layer of soot, you definitely should investigate further. A certain amount of dirt or debris on the glass is inevitable over time, but a quickly accumulating layer can point to a number of possible issues such as incorrectly placed glass or media, or improper air shutter adjustment. In either case, you should contact your dealer to send a service person to take a closer look.

Another sign of a possible service issue is if the blower on your fireplace is not working. One possibility is that the fireplace is not up to temperature (if in thermostat mode), so give it 10 minutes to heat up and then see if the problem persists. If the blower is still not coming on there are a couple of possibilities to consider. The first is that the blower may not be receiving any electricity. In this case, you should check the breaker switch. If it is receiving power but still not working, the fuse may have been blown and will need to be replaced. If you’ve tried these steps without success, you’ll need to contact your dealer to send a service person to investigate further.

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