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How to Choose Between Freestanding and Insert Fireplaces?

How to Choose Between Freestanding and Insert Fireplaces?

So you have decided to purchase a fireplace but can’t decide whether a fireplace insert would be best or a freestanding stove? Whether it is a wood fireplace or a gas fireplace, both types are available in freestanding and insert models. With technologically advanced options available, you can now have aesthetic and functionality all in-one.  

If you are looking for a heating solution but aren’t sure which one is best suited for you, read on to find out more.


Insert Fireplaces

The decision to go with an insert fireplace can be both practical and aesthetic. There are some factors to take into consideration if you are thinking of replacing your existing insert fireplace. You must not fit a pre-fabricated fireplace with an insert fireplace. Doing so would serve as a fire hazard and void the warranty. On the other hand, an insert fireplace is not considered the best option if your existing fireplace is situated at one end of your home. If you want the fireplace to heat your home effectively, your insert fireplace must be centrally situated within your home.

For most homeowners, insert fireplaces have an aesthetic appeal giving the feeling of warmth and calmness. Installed within the hearth, insert fireplaces offer the traditional look of the fireplace with increased heat and efficiency. Although there is a potential for loss of radiant heat from the covered sides of the insert fireplace, most insert fireplaces are designed to direct heat to the front face to maximise the heating potential.


Freestanding Fireplaces

Homeowners have greater flexibility in determining where they will place their heating appliance, as freestanding fireplaces aren’t tied to the wall or floor boards. If centrally installed on the lower level of your home the fireplace can direct heat to all parts of your home.  

The only drawback of a freestanding fireplace is that it takes up more room within the home as it isn’t sent into a wall, on the other hand they benefit from large surface areas allowing heat out from all sides of the fireplace.

If you are still not sure whether to go with an insert or freestanding fireplace, the experts at Lopi can help! So, don’t delay, just drop your queries and the specialists at Lopi will be there to help.

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