22 August 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

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Fireplaces have evolved continuously with Australian homes. Nowadays, the freestanding gas fireplace is more commonplace in new houses and renovations across Australia. Besides the change in fuel from wood to gas, there are plenty of features that make gas fireplaces ideal for any home, as shown below:

More than Logs

The conventional wood fireplace will always be a favourite for many people. However, there are some reasons many people today are opting for gas fireplaces. The key benefits include instant start-up, remarkable convenience, no mess, no tending to the fire, higher energy efficiency, and cleaner-burning, among others.

There’s also little maintenance needed when you have a freestanding gas fireplace. However, what seals the deal for many people is the straightforward installation process.

Venting Considerations

Natural Draft Direct Vent gas fireplaces are regarded as the best overall venting solution.

They can be vented directly through an external wall, or vertical through the roof without the need for power. This system utilises specialised metal ducts to pull fresh air from outdoors into the gas fire, and then the exhaust is taken out using a different chamber. Combined with a glass sealed front, there is little loss of warm air, while all the nasty gasses go outdoors.

Installation Options

Many freestanding gas fireplaces have minimal clearances to combustible materials. It means that they can conveniently be positioned close to a wall. The vent ducts will typically be installed from the top part of the fireplace and outside using the adjacent exterior wall.

Typically, wood and gas fireplace installations should be completed by a qualified professional. Freestanding gas fireplaces can be installed quickly without the need for building walls or even a hearth in most situations other than carpet

Great Features your Gas Fireplace Should Have

If you’ve decided to buy a freestanding gas fireplace, it is worth spending to get the best available features. For instance, large flame variability helps you adjust the flame as desired and therefore control the temperature more easily. Many gas fireplaces feature circulating fans to heat your room more efficiently and evenly, ensure you look for models that allows the fans to be switched off or down very low for times when you just want to enjoy radiant heat.

Other notable extra options worth having include a remote for effortless control and thermostat control that automatically changes the heating level based on your room’s temperature.

Whether you want a freestanding gas fireplace or freestanding wood fireplace, Lopi is your best bet. They have a range or top-notch heating options that offer warmth, comfort, and stylishness.

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