6 May 2024

Urban Farmhouse Fireplace Installation

864CF 40K GS2 Gas Fireplace

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Fireplace Inspiration Details – Sydney’s Hills District, NSW

Located in Sydney’s Hills District, Erin’s family home offers a delightful blend of modern comfort and rustic charm. After living in the house for over a year and a half and with the desire to truly make it her own, Erin decided it was finally time to renovate. So, Erin and her team at Three Birds Renovations got to work, turning the suburban house into a magnificent home for Erin and her family.


Designed with the vision of an “Urban Farmhouse” aesthetic, this reno project seamlessly combines urban sophistication with the warmth of a traditional farmstead aesthetic, creating a haven of timeless style and contemporary living. Central to Erin’s vision was the creation of a spacious and welcoming environment, achieved through an open floor plan that connects the kitchen, informal dining, and living areas, as well as utilising the beautiful patio space. To further open up the space of the living room, the old bathroom and laundry were removed and relocated, freeing up more space and allowing Erin to create a feature wall for the living room. A textured stone wall serves as a captivating focal point, adding depth and character to the living space, further complemented by our stunning Lopi 864CF 40K GS2 gas fireplace.

864CF 40K GS2 Gas Fireplace

The traditional style of the 864 series perfectly complements the urban farmhouse aesthetic Erin was envisioning. The neutral and warm tones of the house contrasting against the black accents of the fireplace trim add to the captivating aesthetic of the space, further accentuated by the beautiful and tall dancing flames. In addition, as part of our premium gas fireplace series, the 864CF 40K GS2 is equipped with top down and Ember-Glo accent lighting, drawing further attention towards the beauty of the fire, enhancing the cosy atmosphere and increasing the realism of the log set.

864CF 40K GS2 Gas Fireplace

Another standout feature of the Lopi 864CF 40K GS2 is its high heat output, capable of heating up to 185Sqm. This makes it the perfect edition for this home, as it is still able to heat Erin’s open living room floorplan during even the coldest months of the year.


As part of our premium series, the 864CF 40K is equipped with our GreenSmart 2 (GS2) system, allowing you to take full control of your fireplace by controlling the accent lighting and operating the unit on a Smart Thermostat setting, which will modulate the flame to ensure the room stays at a constant temperature, based on the temperature set.


As part of her vision, Erin wanted the ability to install a TV above the fireplace flush against the wall. Usually this is not possible without the use of a mantle or recesses cut out into the wall. However, Erin was able to achieve a flush TV installation thanks to our CoolSmart Wall Kit system. The CoolSmart Wall Kit system uses the heat’s natural rise to redirect the hot convection air while the fans are off, pulling it up through ventilation pipes in the wall behind the TV and expelling it through the CoolSmart Vent above the TV, as to not damage any sensitive electronics in the TV.

Lopi 864CF 40K


With the amazing Lopi 864CF 40K GS2 at the forefront, Erin’s living room has been transformed into the perfect captivating area, blending contemporary elegance, modern technology and traditional style to create a warm and inviting environment, perfect for quiet nights in with the family or for entertaining a household full of guests.

Want the same aesthetic for your home? Check out our 864CF 40K GS2, on display at select Lopi outlets.