12 June 2024

Traditional Design with Modern Efficiency – Lopi 864CF 40K Gas Fireplace

864CF 40K GS2

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Fireplace Inspiration Details – Research, VIC

Located in the North Eastern suburbs of Research, Melbourne, this beautiful home was designed with the inspiration of a modern farmhouse meets colonial and Hamptons aesthetic, evident in the modern white walls, open floorplan and high ceilings combined with traditional wooden floors and features. Installed into this home’s open kitchen, dining and living space is our 864CF 40K GS2 gas fireplace.

The homeowners wanted to capture the traditional aesthetic of an open fire chimney while utilising the simplicity and efficiency of a gas fireplace, so what better choice than the 864CF 40K GS2 – chosen for its traditional design, thin fireplace trim and tall, captivating flames. Housed by a dry stacked stone surround and brick external feature, this install emphasises the blend between traditional design and modern technology often associated with a modern farmhouse design.

864CF 40K GS2

As the largest traditional unit in our High Output range of gas fireplaces, and with a heating capacity of up to 185 Sqm, the 864CF 40K GS2 is the perfect option for heating an open floorplan such as this one, thanks to the included 6-speed quiet blower system that allows you to take control of the convection heat being output from the unit, and the ceramic glass included as standard for increased radiant heat. Given the high heat output of this unit, safety is a crucial consideration. Included in all of our Gas Fireplaces is our Clear Fire Safety Screen – a mesh screen positioned 25mm from the glass to eliminate the danger of touching the hot glass without disrupting the view.

Equipped with our GreenSmart 2® (GS2) system, the 864CF 40K GS2 offers complete control over your fireplace via the included GS2 remote. With the GS2 system you can control the gas output over 6 intervals to adjust the flame intensity and therefore the radiant heat being expelled from the unit. In addition, you can manage the convection heat being output from the unit by controlling the 6-speed quiet fans. The GS2 system also features our Smart Thermostat function, which when activated allows the fireplace to modulate the flame to maintain the desired set temperature. You can also control the visual aspect of the fireplace, by changing the intensity top-down accent lighting over 6 intervals, and switching on and off the Ember-Glo™ lighting.

864CF 40K GS2

Customer Testimony:

We almost designed and built the entire living, dining and kitchen area around the Lopi Fireplace. It was going to be the major feature in the living room so it was critical to have the right fireplace. We chose the Lopi 864 for real large flame and traditional firebox design with thin surround allowing it to tie in with the feature dry stacked stone surround to give the impression of an open fireplace. The capability of the fireplace has been amazing it fills the space with its 5m cathedral ceilings with ease, especially on the cold Winter Melbourne nights. The remote controls just adds a level of sophistication by removing face mounted controls and also its ability to thermostatically control from the remote controls position in the room.

Fireplace supply and installation completed by Coastal Fireplaces & Design in Torquay.

The 864CF 40K GS2 is available in either Natural Gas or LPG (Bottled Gas) configurations, making it the perfect choice for those seeking an efficient, traditional gas fireplace equipped with advanced technologies.

For more information on the 864CF 40K GS2, feel free to contact our team on 1800 064 234 or contact us here. To view our full range of Traditional Gas Fireplaces, please visit our website or view our Traditional Gas Fireplace Brochure.