11 July 2024

Luxury Renovation with the Lopi 4415HO GS2 Gas Fireplace

Lopi 4415 HO GS2

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Fireplace Inspiration Details – Ermington, NSW


Nestled in Ermington, NSW, this beautiful family home has undergone a tremendous makeover, transforming the dated kitchen, dining, and living space into a modern and luxurious open-plan area. With a vision to create a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for hosting guests or creating family memories, the homeowners decided it was time to renovate and extend their living space by removing various walls and reconfiguring the layout. An extension was also built to expand the available space, complete with large sliding doors for increased natural lighting. Included in this remarkable renovation is the Lopi 4415HO GS2 linear gas fireplace.

Lopi 4415HO GS2

The 4415HO GS2 is part of our premium linear gas fireplace series, equipped with advanced technologies and luxury features to suit any modern home’s aesthetic. The fireplace is clad in an Elephant Grey waxed plaster finish, creating a luxurious marble effect that complements the elegance of the fireplace. The dark surrounding wall allows the tall flames to truly stand out, creating a captivating focal point for the entire living space. Additionally, the 4415HO GS2 is a high heat output unit, capable of heating up to 195 sqm with ease thanks to the fitted ceramic glass and six-speed quiet fans, making it the perfect solution for open floor plan spaces like this one.

Lopi 4415HO GS2

The 4415HO GS2 is equipped with our GreenSmart 2® (GS2) System, allowing you to take full control of your fireplace. You can adjust the heat output and control the visual features, including the under-floor lighting, which can be increased or decreased over six intervals. Our GS2 system also allows you to operate the fireplace on a thermostat setting, which will stop the gas output once the room temperature reaches the set temperature. It can also operate the fireplace on a smart thermostat setting, which will modulate the flame to keep the room temperature consistent to the temperature set on the remote.

Lopi 4415HO GS2

Additional features of this installation include our platinum glass floor media, which allows the under-floor lighting to shine brightly through; a black glass fire back liner, which creates further visual depth by reflecting the tall, dancing flames and a 50mm black trim to match the dark accents of the living room, such as the TV, sound bar, sliding stacker doors and furniture. The installation also includes our Driftwood Log Fyre-Art™, a modern, art-inspired log that accentuates the luxury design of the 4415HO GS2, and our Clear Fire Safety Screen, a mesh screen that sits 25mm off the glass, providing an extra layer of safety to avoid injuries from touching the glass without compromising the view of the fire, included on all Lopi fireplaces.

Lopi 4415HO GS2

Customer Testimony:

The homeowners were looking for a fireplace that would seamlessly fit into the space, as if it was meant to be there, while also adding a touch of cosiness to the open floor plan. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, they were looking for a fireplace that would be highly efficient in heating the room with low maintenance. The homeowners have expressed that the fireplace has really enhanced the comfort and charm of their home and is it the perfect spot to unwind during those chilly winter evenings.”

Fireplace supply and installation completed by Fireside Heating in Castle Hill. Renovation completed by Aqua Architects.

The Lopi 4415HO GS2 is available in either Natural Gas or LPG (Bottled Gas) configurations, making it the perfect choice for those seeking an efficient, traditional gas fireplace equipped with advanced technologies.

For more information on the 4415 HO GS2, feel free to contact our team on 1800 064 234 or contact us here. To view more of our Linear Gas Fireplace Range, please visit our website or view our Linear Gas Fireplace Brochure.